Ged O' Mahoney


Following his recent takeover of the family business, Ged has welcomed the opportunity to improve the success of the established electrical wholesale store since his father’s retirement.  Keen to modernise and grow the company, Ged has made significant investments and has effectively built the solid foundations for successful business growth. Forming and maintaining an effective management team, instigating a company rebrand, revolutionising the existing store and opening a further three branches are just the beginning of his strategic plans for company development and expansion.

Starting his career as an electrician, Ged has always held a genuine interest for the electrical trade. His experience and background, along with his involvement in a range of other business ventures, equip him with the fundamentals to successfully lead go electrical into achieving and attaining new company objectives.

Although Ged is eager to revolutionise the business, he believes that it is imperative that Go Electrical retain the principles that formed his father’s company and promises that as the company grows providing quality service to our customers remains the main focus.